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Scott Metzger
by Scott Metzger
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Topics: Scott Metzger, Stanton Moore, Andy Hess, Skerik, On Stage, Schoeps, cmc6, mk22, cmc622, 16 bit,...
Source: Audience/On Stage
Will Bernard Projects
by Will Bernard Projects
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Will Bernard Band October 15, 2015 San Francisco, CA @ The Boom Boom Room recorded/mixed by Burris Ewell Will Bernard - guitar Wil Blades - organ, Clavinet Joe Cohen - sax Victor Little - bass Eric Kalb - drums
Will Bernard Projects
by Will Bernard Projects
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Will Bernard's Blue Plate Special May 2nd, 2017 ~late show John Medeski;Eric Kalb;Victor Little;Will Bernard 01. Blister 02. Piggy 03. Wiggly's Way 04. Soul Drums 05. Fire* 06. Cold Sweat* 07. Baby Goats 08. Fast Fun 09. Garage A 10. Gonzo 11. We The People 12. Teasing 13. 571 14. Smokin' At Tipitina's  * Corey Glover Will Bernard - guitar John Medeski - organ Eric Kalb - drums Victor Little - bass
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Topics: Picklemic, 2448, matrix, JazzFest, John Medeski, Eric Kalb, Victor Little, Will Bernard
Source: AT 4050st (stage)>V2+(mono)sbd>busDR70 24/48
Steve Kimock
by Steve Kimock
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Set 1: d1t01 "this is not, like, the normal gig" d1t02 The Hag at the Churn (OM,ACC) d1t03 Till We Meet (OM,ACC) d1t04 Swing in G (U,BGP) d1t05 Cole's Law (ATC,BGP) d1t06 Over Easy (ATC,BGP) d1t07 Green (OM,BGP) d2t01 C Boogie (OM,BGP) d2t02 It's Up to You (ATC,BGP) d2t03 "just last night, the gift of fish" Set 2: d2t04 "you're being so quiet, its wonderful" d2t05 La Petite Groove raga-intro (RH,BGP) > d2t06 La Petite Groove (RH,BGP) d2t07 High-n-Lonesome...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: SBD + (Stage) Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Sound Devices MP2 > Behringer MX1604A > Apogee Mini-Me > Sharp MV10 > Samplitude v6.0 > SHN